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So what's actually in SimpleDesk 1.1?

Started by cσσкιє мσηѕтєя, December 04, 2010, 07:52:00 AM

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cσσкιє мσηѕтєя

Since we started to develop the second version of SimpleDesk, 1.1, back in early April just after our first public release, we posted a list of the new features and improvements that would be included in the updated package.
However, since that was posted, many changes have taken place in the development of SimpleDesk, resulting in the addition and removal of some of those points.
Therefor, I present to you the updated list of features and updates in SimpleDesk 1.1, whose codename is yet to be revealed ;)

Roadmap Legend:
- New Feature
- Feature Enhancement
- Functionality Removal
- Functionality Change
- Bug Fix

General Features
Custom Fields in Tickets/Replies
Email Notifications/Change Updates
Admin customizable "Thank You" screen after creating a ticket
Maintenance mode
Plugin system and integration hooks
Plus various enhancements and bug fixes all over the place
Staff Features
Ticket Relationships / Linked Tickets
Proxy Tickets (Create ticket for user)
Enhanced Permissions
Member Features
Ticket's action log in the ticket itself
(plus various action log improvements)
SMF Features
Ticket wiki-links [[ticket:123]] support
SSI.php functions for gathering data
Helpdesk profile section

Comparing this list to the old one, we see a few changes:

* Split/merge tickets, support forum search, as well as the integrated help area are three features that have been pushed to a later version since we felt that they were not our main priority right now.
* Maintenance mode has been introduced. This allows you to shut down the helpdesk for everyone but administrators so that any kind of maintenance can be carried out while no users are browsing the helpdesk, similarly to SMF's own function with the same name.
* The addition of a plugin system. This system allows SimpleDesk to be seamlessly extended on its own, with the help of "plugins" that take advantage of several integration hooks that have been added to the code.
Once we've released SimpleDesk 1.1 we'll be documenting these functions and posting guides on how they work, so that modders and other interested users can start using them as they like. The plugin system will also be heavily extended upon in the near future, allowing SimpleDesk to be more and more customizable as we go along.

We are very excited about these changes, and although it's been a long time since we first introduced this version, we hope that once it's out you'll be able to enjoy it as much as we have done while working on it.
So stick around - SimpleDesk 1.1 is not far away. You can have a look at our bug tracker and the SVN stats for the latest news on what's going on behind the scenes right now.

Keep your eyes out. The quackers are coming for you.

Tah Zonemaster

Nice to see this. :) Btw, your post has a nice look. :) I like it :)


This is looking fantastic. Just like to say I use this on my site and it is brilliant. Can't wait for the next version. If you ever need anymore beta testers , just drop me a PM, I'd love to try out the new one as soon as :D


The betas are pretty mangled at the moment.  Sometimes you have to dismantle it before you can change things around.   ;)
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Is there anyway we can get Email Notifications/Change Updates as a plugin?


It is currently a plugin and will be releases with 1.1


Quote from: tumble on December 12, 2010, 04:09:13 PM
Is there anyway we can get Email Notifications/Change Updates as a plugin?

From what I've seen here, 1.0 does not have plugin support anyway...

cσσкιє мσηѕтєя

No, as stated in the first post in this topic, plugin support is added with 1.1., and email notifications will come as one of two bundled plugins with that release. :)


Oh, sweet goodness.   I love you guys.   SimpleDesk rocks socks and it's good to hear that you guys are still working on it.   =D


Hello SimpleDesk Tem!! 

First let me tell you that SimpleDesk is very nice app, and i really a apriciate the effor.

I want to ask :
are you still working on 1.1 version ?

Please tell me I was trying to make a change about email, but first I read the forum.

Well if you have the date tell us :)  I know alot of people would be happy.



Hi and Welcome :)

1.1 is still being developed and will hopefully be released soon, there isnt an estimated date at this time but we hope to make it available as soon as it's ready and tested.

We're certainly happy that you like it  8)



I have a question about the enhanced permissions.

Is it possible to make it category based?  Example one membergroup sees this batch of tickets and another membergroup sees a different batch of tickets based on a category the user selects or is preselected for them depending on their membergroup?


Currently, tickets are tied to specific users, not membergroups.  A SimpleDesk security "role" is applied to SMF Membergroups.  But since the ticket belongs to the users themselves and not the groups, it won't allow you to show certain tickets to some users and other tickets to other users.

There is a helpdesk permission called "What tickets can users see" but the options are only "Their Own Tickets" and "All Tickets."  There's also another option called "What private tickets can users see" and it has the option of "None", "Own private tickets" and "Any private tickets."

I'd love to see a future version of SD have the ability to create organizations, where you have two or more users who share tickets... because for instance they work at the same company and you provide them with support.  They should be able to see each others tickets.  If that ever happens, it's most likely far down the road.
A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can an evil tree bring forth good fruit.


I was thinking more on the support end.  Say one person supports this stuff, and another person supports that stuff, and they just see their relevant tickets instead of all tickets.


Categories (Departments) is planned for a later release.