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Just a quick question about seeing tickets, please?

Started by Grammy, June 03, 2016, 07:27:25 PM

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Yes you are confusing roles and membergroups.

In the forum itself you have and can create membergroups.
Out the box you have the forum admin, regular member and global moderator. you can create additional groups if you would like.

In your screenshot the lower left corner where you have the members block, click on membergroups, this is where you create your membergroups.

Any group you create you can now assign to any role in SD where you deem fit.


Okay, so then more choices will appear to assign to the Admin role, once I do that?  Great!

Three pages of what can happen when someone like me just doesn't get it, ha!

Thanks for your patience, Spoogs; you've been great!  I'll mark it solved.   :)

EDIT:  I notice that when I use the link at the bottom to mark a topic solved here, I get "An Error Has Occurred".  I have to edit a post and use an icon to work around it.  That's both times I've had a thread here.  Not sure if you guys can replicate it.

Anyway, thanks again!


Yes that how it works.

You're quite welcome.

topic solved never really worked here might get fixed one day :P

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