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Visibility on ticket level

Started by JoakimC, November 09, 2013, 02:21:19 AM

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I'm new to SimpleDesk, so please forgive me if I have got something wrong.

I have downloaded the mod and it is really great for help desk purposes, which is exactly what I want, but as an admin I would like to be able to choose if a certain "Ticket" should be viewable by just the user who wrote the ticket or by all. Now you can only (if I understand it correctly) set this for the role, and that is for all tickets - not on "Ticket level".

Now, why on earth would I want such option? Well, I am developing a software, and some of the features that the users suggest are really unique and special, and I don't want my competitors to steal them before I have implemented them myself. I would like to set those tickets as invisible for all the users, but not for the author of the ticket, and naturally I want as developer/admin to be able to see it. The other tickets should be visible and searchable by all.

Perhaps there is an option for exactly this in SimpleDesk, I just haven't found it yet, but if not I am making this as a feature suggestion for your future development of your really cool SMF-mod!

Big smile - Joakim


To implement this kind of visibility would require a complete redesign of the guts of SimpleDesk as well as substantially raise the risk of someone accidentally misconfiguring things and making things less private than they should be.