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I Would Like To Thank Everybody Who Helped Get This Mod Out its an Excellent Mod....Thanks Everybody....Peace MaddSmokerz  8)

Thank you Gruffen and Spoogs For Fixing This its working fine now and im getting no errors in the Admin.....Thanks MaddSmokerz  8) 8)

sorry about that Spoogs ....I Did Disable The Board Viewers Mod For Right Now and went back to the forum and then back to the admin and Had No Errors... so its that mod but thank you for taking a look at it....Peace MaddSmokerz

Attached It To The First Post Spoogs...Thanks for your help  ;D

This Mod Is Awsome For My Site, Everything is working ok but im getting a few errors in the Admin, I Know Which Mod Is Doing It The "Board Viewers Mod" Here is a Few Pics Of What is Happening....

And This Is Whats Happening in the admin...but everything is showing fine, so im pretty sure it the board viewers mod thats causing the errors...was woundering if there was something i could add to the board index to stop the board viewers mod from doing that, it only gives me those errors when i click on the forum button and the "Department Catagories are put to the forum, if they are not shown on the forum i get no errors in the admin....Peace MaddSmokerz

Yes i Will Say What An Awsome Mod  ;D and I Installed It On MaddSmokerz .com and It Installed Beautiful......Thank You For Great Mod, My Marijuana Helpdesk Is Under MaddSmokerz :o

SimpleDesk Discussion / Re: SD 2.0 release
« on: June 21, 2011, 01:56:46 pm »
Why Dont People Just Leave The Developers alone Till There Finished, and When There Finished We All Can Get High Together, Remember People If I Was The Developer and something Happend With My Family "My Family Comes First" So Just Wait For It.....Peace MaddSmokerz... P.S. Gruffen  Awsome Mod.

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