Started by Gruffen, May 10, 2010, 06:24:23 PM

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Just as a heads-up, I'm going on hiatus for a little bit, I really need to work on my other project for a while (because it will be providing income for me) and I'll still be around here, just not as much while I get the other project up and running.

I'm not at liberty to provide details yet, but you all know me, it's bound to be something unusual and innovative, and has a good chance of shaking certain notions about the ecosystem.


Best of luck with your ventures!  Keep us up to date if there's any help we can provide.
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Yeah!! Best luck! ;)
Surely it will be something awesome!
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And don't come back neither!

* hadesflames runs =P

Good luck with it =]
*will add something eventually*


Happy one month anniversary of Hiatus. :P
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I'm sort of still on hiatus, but I'm 'active' insofar as getting 1.1 further along. What my badge changes to after that is uncertain, I'm using some of this time to decide where I want to go once 1.1 is done.