Sneak Peek II: Revenge of the Screenshots

Started by Gruffen, February 10, 2010, 09:26:54 AM

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Some of you have noticed the development figure creep up a lot lately - well, that's because the dev team have been cracking on with development, and that's why it's been fairly quiet around here lately from us.

Today I'm going to unveil two more pieces of the SimpleDesk jigsaw for you :)
As a secret note, next time, I'll be publishing screenshots of SimpleDesk in other themes so you can see how well it runs there too.

Action Log

Kind of like SMF's Administration Log, we capture (and yes, you can turn this off if you like) things that happen to tickets, for example if they get made more urgent, or they get changed from 'not private' to 'private', or reassigned. All things like that are logged in the action log.

Ticket posting

One thing that always bothered me a tiny bit about SMF was how the main interface for posting didn't entirely seem to fit together with the main interface for viewing posts, never enough to actually do anything about it, though.

But here, I set the template up (yes, this is one I made, based on Nas' original display one, where he is better with templates than I am) to reuse the ticket display so there is that thematic link between the two.

It's still a work in progress, since I have more things I want to do with that interface (not least, attachments) but you get the idea of where we're going.

As you can see, we're moving forwards in very much the right direction with things, and it's nice for me to be able to bring you screenshots - as well as give you my take on it from 'inside the secret garden' of sorts. You can't see most of what's behind the scenes, though because it's just raw code that underpins all the above, but soon enough we hope to bring you 1.0 where you can see all of the above.


looking very guys...
*Spoogs utters something about these developers awesomeness*


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It looks great in Curve!

But how does it fair in Core?



:O Woah! This is amazing! Wonderful job SD Devs! :D

Mick G.


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Really nice. =) Can't wait to see this out!


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Wow.. That looks awsome..

I could find many of many uses for a support system..

Good luck guys surely the best feature that could possibly be made.
Did'nt know what you was cooking up in the background.


If you need any beta testers gimme a shout. I like to test every aspect and relay all errors and discoveries.


*will add something eventually*