Around the World in a Bunch of Themes (Part I)

Started by Gruffen, February 16, 2010, 05:00:24 AM

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Time to reveal a confession: at the same time I published the latest screenshots, I was also playing around with SimpleDesk in other themes, and thought I'd share the results with everyone. (Easter Egg Alert: I did actually say in that post, hidden, that I was going to do this... ;D)

SimpleDesk is designed primarily for Curve, the bonus of which is that in Curve-based themes it should translate fairly well without any problems. And as you can see momentarily, it actually seems to do so - each image below is a thumbnail pointing to the master (since that way I throw less pictures at you :) Or at least, smaller ones.)

Note that no changes have been made to the code for any theme at this point - no work has been done to make any one theme look better; it's all just the base code being used. And these were done by me - and it's well known I'm no themer ;)


I can see there is a slight blip in this one - nothing huge, just the menu is slightly misaligned, but that's fixable.


I know that Nas was testing out SimpleDesk while designing Enkelbor, but still, it looks very awesome :)


Interesting layout here. The boxy look of Anecdota isn't an unpleasant complement, IMHO, though personally I dislike Anecdota on its own.

Black Rain

Since the overflow off the screen occurs irrespective of SimpleDesk, I'm assuming that's an issue with Black Rain and Chrome not playing nicely. Nonetheless, it seems to work well enough.


I'm not sure that brown goes, but that's the colour Bloc used for the titlebgs.


The titlebgs not being changed doesn't hurt this - in fact I think it makes it flow better in many ways.

Going forward, we'll be testing it in more custom themes and publish how that looks too :) But for now, enjoy.

There is also one screenshot I've added here, the main ticket view, but in light of things we've discovered this week, that may well be changed - certainly it hasn't yet, and that is still how it looks in the dev builds, but it looks funny and weird with many many tickets in it. Still, it's how things are right now, so enjoy that too :)


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I feel like i'm being given candy here. Great job guys! :)


Quote from: [FailSafe] on February 16, 2010, 06:43:02 PM
I feel like i'm being given candy here. Great job guys! :)

So many pretty colours! :D

Just remember, the E-numbers in colourings are not nutrients :P


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Seriously, I did nothing here. The templates are all Nas' work, except the posting template which is mine. Oh, and replies which is still a WIP, which is even more ugly than my posting template :P

Still, gotta admit, Nas did a truly awesome job with the templates thus far :)