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1.1, and the change of plan

Started by Gruffen, July 12, 2010, 06:17:03 PM

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OK, I think it's probably time to 'fess up what's going on.

You may have noticed that 1.1's progress has slowed recently, and in no small part that was down to a lack of enthusiasm from the dev team, something approaching burn out, I think.

For me, at least, I was finding it so hard to find the motivation to do the features left for 1.1, and over time just got fed up of even thinking about it, especially as other projects proved more interesting.

So, what to do about it? Well, none of us want to see the project flounder any more, so what I decided to do was something akin to casting out the rulebook. That means, the gloves are sort of off as to what gets built; it's based on what's in the tracker, but that being limited to 1.1 is no longer a requirement.

This opens the door to the later things, some of which are interesting and varied, in the hope that it inspires us to come back to the slightly less interesting things. (I should note, it worked for 1.0, where I procrastinated around the posting code for ages and did pretty much everything else until there was nothing left to add...)

So, that means 1.1 will be later than originally intended. It's already late in fact, but in a project where it had already lost a decided amount of momentum, I take the view of 'any port in a storm', especially if it's about rekindling motivation.

For me, I've been spending time the last few days building an SD plugin for one site I manage, a custom AJAX shoutbox. Yes, that's how powerful the plugin system is, that it'll support an efficient AJAX shoutbox. (I can't release said SB, though, even if it is pretty much the lightest SB out there, because it's massively customised for us) What that is doing is ensuring I test some otherwise low-use features in the system.


I should add that in addition I'm not able to provide any code for the next few days after I've moved my PC to Windows 7 and am currently in the midst of upgrading everything there.