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Started by Gruffen, May 03, 2010, 10:21:06 AM

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A bit back, I asked for questions from the community generally, and now here are the answers.

Is SimpleDesk owned by the same international corporation that created SimplePortal, SimpleDownload, and SimpleSEF?

No, no such company of course ;D

What happened to JBlaze and Nas? It seems like they just became disinterested with the project, and now you're the only one left. Hell, what happened to SleePy/Trekkie too?

I can't speak for them, however what I can say is that real life takes its toll very heavily and has done on all of us over the last few months. I'm just the most visible out of the team, but everyone is still around :)

What is the state of things now (since there are a couple of people On Hiatus) on development?

Well, I was On Hiatus due to immediate events, I'm back now, and JBlaze is back after his absence due to real life intrusions. 1.1 is moving quite smoothly; most of the smaller stuff in 1.1 is done (ticket relationships, SSI functions, etc.) while the bigger stuff just takes a little to co-ordinate because it's like several very large jigsaw pieces, we can't just build each bit individually, they all interlock.

It is coming along nicely though.

Are there any plans to add anymore developers?

I have no plans to add any more developers at the present time. The flow of development is about right and it's not as if we're drastically overpromising on development, or understaffed for that matter. We're more than on course to hit the next milestones on the timescales we originally set out for ourselves.

What is the status on the Translator tool for the site?

It's in development however there are things under discussion about this internally. More news as we have it.

Any there any more planned updates to the site that is going to happen? (Like any additions to any requestable membergroups or something?)

There's a few enhancements to the topic solved mod we have planned, but nothing at this point I can really think of.

Is there any plan to have SD on this site to help with support?

Nope. We never at any point intended to run SD here for support purposes. The support board really is the best place for support; it's a community area where everyone can request - and receive - help.

What we do plan to do is use SimpleDesk as a form of bug tracker in the future. While Project Tools is generally quite capable in this regard, the eventual plan is to use SimpleDesk instead. We can't use 1.0 for this; it's lacking too many things (notably, custom profile fields for the purposes of tracking bug/feature), and really there's features we've set down for 1.2 and 1.3 that would be required to use it here for that too. It's a complex process (ugh)

It seems to me like interest in this project has started to wane. Are there any plans to bring it back up or are you just going to let progression flow naturally and hope that that will garner attention back again?

I think you're right. Certainly there's been a shortage of support requests which seems indicative. I think though people are waiting for more features, and that it is a relatively niche product as well.

[D]o you plan to have leads for other teams for SD?

No decisions have been taken on this, if and when it becomes necessary, we'll do so, I guess. But I'm not sure we need to do that for a good long while yet.

Any progress on Documentation?

Nothing at the moment. I think really we've been focused on getting it working and working well above all else.

I know you will never have Simpledesk as a paid mod, but what about the idea of paid add-ons?

The licence doesn't prohibit it, and while I can't see us writing/distributing here, I can see it may well happen elsewhere in the future. Though really I'm not sure what paid addons you'd have that we wouldn't look to roll into the core in most cases anyway.

Will the SimpleDesk Staff open an online orphanage for kitties, and if so can I have one? Pretty please?

Ask the ducks. ;)


Quote from: Arantor on May 03, 2010, 10:21:06 AM
Will the SimpleDesk Staff open an online orphanage for kitties, and if so can I have one? Pretty please?

Ask the ducks. ;)

I already took all the kittehs for meself! =]
*will add something eventually*


Heh, looking back on it I asked some pretty stupid questions...

But information and updates on the project are always good. So it's not so bad. :)

Thanks for this Arantor! Now excuse me while I go sneak into hades' hideout, and steal hiz kittehs.


There's no such thing as a truly stupid question, I think, if it's related to what's at hand.


Clearly, you haven't met enough stupid people =P

I wouldn't say your questions were stupid though, [FailSafe].
*will add something eventually*