Create an internal ticket system

Started by biribinha, November 12, 2019, 01:41:06 PM

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Hello friends

I am trying to use SimpleDesk as an internal ticket system for my company, but I have had difficulty deploying the necessary configurations.

See if you can help me.

Let's suppose I have 3 departments: A, B, C.

I need all departments to be able to send tickets to everyone, but they can only see tickets of their own.

Department A sends a ticket to Department B. Department B will receive the ticket and resolve it.

Department C sends a ticket to department B, which also receives it and will resolve it, however, when department C or department A enters the tickets section of department B, it can only see the tickets it has created.

Department A or C can only see their own tickets.

When department B sends a ticket to department A or C, the same scenario must apply.

How to make?

Sorry for my bad english, used google translate.