Sneak Peek III: The Screenshots Strike Back

Started by Gruffen, February 28, 2010, 09:10:28 AM

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As you know, our development figure has zoomed up the last few days - which is why it's been a bit quiet.

So, I thought I'd share another batch of screenshots with you - nothing has *substantially* changed but you'll see a lot more of the polish and tweaking, and features, that we've added.

I didn't include the Action Log in this round-up, since we haven't changed anything there, but I've put together another round of screenshots from different themes, and also included Curve and Core in this line up so you have a reference - and get to see how it looks even out of the box on those themes.

Remember, we're not quite at 1.0 yet - there's still a few things to do (for example, the posting stuff mentions pressing a hotkey to preview, but preview isn't in there just yet), but this is "almost done" :D

Changes from the last screenshots include the attachments stuff in the new ticket view, plus quick reply in the display view (with our neat Go Advanced button). I've also added a random screenshot from inside the admin panel - SimpleDesk has a one-click enable/disable from the Core Features area of the admin panel, and part of the reason I include it here is partly to encourage people to know about it (and not have to ask the question of how to turn it on :P) but also really because it is the first time you'll be interacting with it.

In case you're wondering about the Go Advanced button, this is our answer to the ongoing question of quick vs full reply. Some people - like me - just like the ability to quickly post without needing to leave the page. Some people want the full options - what we give you is the ability to expand the 'quick' version into the full version right there in the page - click the button and up pops bbcode buttons (if enabled), smileys (if enabled) and attachments (if enabled).

So, with that in mind, more different themes that I've powered SimpleDesk up with :)


* Arantor doesn't have anything to add to this one, really.


The same issue I mentioned last time is still present - because we've been busy fixing the big stuff, though it is something we have on the tracker to fix before 1.0 if possible.

I think Core's table style still works here without being too straight-edged.

Classic YaBB

The meat of SimpleDesk works just as well in Classic as it does in the others, but we're aware of the lack of images for various things - we haven't yet figured out if we're going to provide images for all the languages or not, but once the translations are done it would be possible for us to do that.


I nearly actually added this one to the first round-up, because I like it a lot, though I seem to recall last time I was aiming at themes that had been more heavily downloaded rather than interesting or varied ones, but I'm pleased to add it in here.

As it's Core based, it has the same issues that Core itself does, but these are minor and if we can solve it in the template, we will.

Blazing Curve

An interesting theme, this. The red works quite well on Curve on its own, and because we're using the same hooks that Curve does, it transfers fairly well to SimpleDesk, however I personally find the theme quite dark and moody, with it using black for some of the headings where white would possibly be better.

Blue Christmas

Again, another Core based theme, meaning the menu is offset slightly.

The one comment I would make about this theme is that the category headings are so "busy" with the snowflakes that it is actually hard to read as a consequence, doubly so if the ticket options are still in the header like they are by default (though you can move them to be a regular navigation menu)

Bright Forest

Another of Aaron's themes, this one is actually quite nice to work with since it's pretty restful and SimpleDesk flows into it well enough. Again, it's Core based and has the one visual glitch as a consequence.


This is an interesting theme to use, as well as being quite pleasing on the eye even for a dark theme; it's narrower than some of the other themes out there, and the way it's done it looks even more narrow than it actually is.

Fortunately, SimpleDesk scales that direction quite nicely :)


A more business-type theme, perhaps, and one that SimpleDesk works well with.

imPulse 2

Need I say more?

The one thing I will say about it all, is that I'm slightly surprised how well our choice of iconset has worked out; a lot of packages these days are tending towards FamFamFam Silk - which is fine, they're nice enough - but they're commonplace now, and more importantly, they have a look that can actually be out of place in some ways, but our choice of the LED Icon set has proven out; they don't stand out awkwardly in any theme.

And in conclusion, SimpleDesk is looking pretty awesome in my (very biased ;D) opinion and very soon we hope to be able to share it with you!


Very awesome! :D

Icon's look unique. I couldn't work out what was so different about them at first until you said. Getting sick of Famfam icons myself too.

Post template is my favourite. nicely done devs :) |
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Next you'll be telling me that my powers are weak and that I'm an old man! (I'm 26... I'm not old!)


I find this whole Star Wars theme you've got going on here is pretty amusing. ;)

The preview looks great though! And the "Go Advanced" section is really rather cool. It looks so amazing now, and very good to look at. The release is so close that I can almost taste it.

EDIT: I just noticed, even everything is finalized for 1.0 it still won't be released, would it? It's have to go through the Beta Testers, right?


Everything isn't quite finalised just yet, but very close - yes it will go to the beta testers and QA team first.


Good, everything is going as planned my lord.


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Hey looking great Arantor!

Also, since these are Star Wars references, Episode V was the Empire Strikes back, and since this is Sneak Peek III, shouldn't it be revenge of the screenshots? lol....or was that number II? That's what I thought... ;)
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I didn't think of Star Wars references when writing Revenge of the Screenshots (I was, in fact, thinking back to my misspent youth and how awesome games were, such as Llamasoft's "Revenge of the Mutant Camels")


very nice man, love to see the progress, amazin speed over the last few days (i may not be able to help much with coding issues <if any>, but would love to play with the first release)


Well, the glitch I mention about Core based themes (with the menu being disjointed from the rest of the page) I fixed last night... there are right now 3 - yup, just 3 - issues left on the bug tracker that we know of that we need to fix before we push the beta to the beta testers.