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Started by Gruffen, March 07, 2010, 10:44:54 PM

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Since we issued the beta last week, the beta testers have been busy poking and prodding it - and oddly enough I've been hiding away, not really fixing the issues the beta testers found.

But far be it from slacking... on the contrary, I've been very busy building the next part of what we're doing here - the Developer Documentation, also known as SimpleDesk API (application programming interface), which will help those of you who plan to write software that works with SimpleDesk; it's a lot like Simple Machines Forum's Function Database.

It'll also help us, the dev team, manage SimpleDesk going forward by having documentation. It is still a little WIP really, since I haven't finished writing all the documentation, and I still have some plans to expand how it deals with certain things, but the underlying stuff is done.

Without any more waffling, I give you

As ever, anything you find that's amiss, please do let us know and I'll be ready with the flyspray ;)

In case you're wondering how it's built, I've been spending a lot of time this week documenting the source itself, and I just run a customised setup of phpDocumentor on it to produce a bunch of pages, then I have a custom PHP script on the site that just loads them as necessary.

The other side benefit is that if you look through the source of SimpleDesk locally, you won't actually need to come here for documentation - it's all right there in the file too!


Very very cool! Great job Arantor, I can't wait to read through this. :)

EDIT: Just read through parts of it. It's very very nice, and I can only imagine how it's going to be once everything is filled in. Very helpful. Well done.