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News and Announcements / SimpleDesk 2.1 RC1
October 18, 2020, 07:36:56 PM
On the heals of SMF 2.1 RC3 release, SimpleDesk Team is proud to release SimpleDesk 2.1 RC1.  SimpleDesk 2.1 primarily focuses on continuing support for SimpleDesk with SMF.

Among full SMF 2.1 support, additionally SimpleDesk 2.1 brings to the table:
* Uses full SMF 2.1 hooks, requiring no modification to SMF files
* Logs for all admin actions
* Custom ordering of blocks
* Changing ticket starter
* HTML 5 support
* Uses JSON for all internal storage and Ajax calls
* Enforces UTF-8 support (Matching SMF 2.1)
* Previewing Canned replaces
* Code cleanup and alignment to best practices and various standards from PSR.
* Removal of SMF 2.0 support

This release only supports SMF 2.1 RC3 or higher.  We have removed support for all previous versions of SMF including SMF 2.0.  We do not support any beta versions or release candidates below RC3 because of lack of support for hooks.  If you wish to use SimpleDesk with SMF 2.0, please continue to use SimpleDesk 2.0.  If you are using a version of SMF 2.1 before RC3, please upgrade to the latest 2.1 version.  We will in the future drop support for release candidates of SMF 2.1.

With this first release for SimpleDesk 2.1, we have moved our Github repository to include a smf20 branch, which contains the version supporting SMF 2.0 and have merged our smf21 branch into master.  Going forward after we have finalized the release, all development for SMF 2.1 will occur in smf21 branch while master will be able to progress to new versions supporting new versions of SMF.

We have also moved our site to SMF 2.1 in order to support the SMF team in testing and releasing SMF 2.1.  We have built an updated theme that supports SMF 2.1 and additionally, it includes a dark mode variant.  Theme variants are a feature supported in SMF 2.1 themes.  Our customizations to support our site and tools also have been upgraded and like SimpleDesk, do not require any modifications to the SMF codebase.  This allows our SMF install too easy be updated while continuing to support our site.

SimpleDesk Team
SimpleDesk Support / Re: SMF 2.0.17
January 16, 2020, 10:47:14 PM is running it, no issues.
I would have to test it to verify but this should work as you are intending.  Don't forget that permissions apply to all membergroups assigned to a user.  Not just the primary display membergroup.
SimpleDesk Tracker / Re: SD 2.1 - Enable Front Page?
April 25, 2019, 08:00:09 PM
Will look into it.  It was broken at one time, I fixed it up and haven't checked since.
SimpleDesk Discussion / Re: Upgrade Roadmap
February 23, 2019, 08:38:01 PM
In the sd_sources/Subs-SimpleDes.php

function shd_buffer_replace(&$buffer)

Replace with

function shd_buffer_replace($buffer)

This is fixed in 2.1
SimpleDesk Discussion / Re: Upgrade Roadmap
February 16, 2019, 03:51:31 PM
What version of SMF and SD?

Are you doing any placements of SD like in the board index, unread replies or other areas?
There are no plans for me to develop for ElkArte.  However there is a fairly similar code base.  If ElkArte has compatible APIS to all the old SMF calls, it may work with some manual installs.  The new version wrote for SMF 2.1 most likely won't work with ElkArte as it makes use of way more hooks, and ElkArte would have to implant those hooks to function.

That said, SD is open source software.  Anyone could fork the project and develop it for ElkArte.
SimpleDesk Discussion / Re: Upgrade Roadmap
February 03, 2019, 02:19:17 PM
7.1 should be fine.  I haven't tested 7.2 yet.
SMF 2.0.15 works fine with 7.1 and so does SD.

SD will most likely work with 7.2, but SMF has some warnings and issues.
Marking this resolved for the new version.  The UI changes have resolved this from what i can tell.
Is there a previous error?  This is a replacement error in a buffer handler, which is near the end of the page generation process.
The code is wrong not the permissions.  Which is why you receive a php error.
If you are manually making changes you must be careful to ensure that the changes you made are valid code and queries.
Sometimes you can get a mod to install by uninstalling the original mod, install the second and install the original again.

The version for SimpleDesk supporting SMF's future 2.1 is edit free, which can help ensure that it works better with other modifications.

Can you attach the affected file?  Looks like a bad edit from another mod.  You shouldn't proceed with mod installs if a error is detected.
We do not have a released solution for a contact form.  The ones made here use SMF's SSI to handle everything and custom built pages.
You can configure roles and then assign those roles to groups.  Depending on those groups grant specific access to the helpdesk or not.