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Assigning tickets to entire group?

Started by Grammy, August 04, 2016, 06:35:09 PM

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I'm so sorry that I haven't found the answer to this on my own, but I'm a bit bleary-eyed and head-achey today, so please pardon me.

Is it possible to have a ticket assigned to an entire group (such as all Helpdesk Staff) or must I choose one individual from that group?  I only see individual members' names in the pulldown when assigning.  In some cases, I'd like all the staff to receive notification that there is a ticket.  I can't seem to find the option for this.   :-\

Thank you.


Current there isnt an option to assign a ticket to a group. Technically any ticket not assigned to an individual could be considered assigned to all staff.

You can also not allow tickets to be assigned at all if that helps.

Check your notification options under Admin> HelpDesk> Options> Notification Options