Presenting Simple Desk!

Started by Trekkie101, January 05, 2010, 07:22:05 PM

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Welcome to the grand launch of Simple Desk!

Simple Desk is the creation of a "mega mod" for SMF, our goal is to bring a fully functional help desk solution to all users of SMF. Using the SMF framework as a basepoint for our work, we want to show how adaptable SMF can be when used to its full potential, and demonstrate correct coding procedures and style on a large scale.

The Simple Desk team was formed from volunteers from the Simple Machines Forum project, and morphed into its own separate entity to facilitate the creation of one of the best help desk solutions available for free. Simple Desk will be able to be run as part of SMF, or independently by shutting off the forum component.

In the coming weeks you will see feature lists, proof of concept screenshots and alpha test code being featured on this site. This is one of the biggest modification projects to hit the SMF ecosystem.


bout time smf gets a good help desk mod




Better that than simply "+1" :)

It is past overdue, time we made it happen.


Sounds interesting. Will be around to see what you will come up with. Good luck! ;)


Welcome avid SMF fan :D

Sinan see your PM box please :)


This project seems really interesting.

Will look forward to those screenshots and updates. :D
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*will add something eventually*


Already it's taking shape, too, and I'm hoping before very much longer we can start publishing some screenshots of what it looks like and how it works.


Well its looking good so far, but as nas may know i expect progress.  ;)

cσσкιє мσηѕтєя


It seems to be a great project,features sound really promising,can't wait to see the first public release  ;)