Feature suggestions and minor help request

Started by smnpstm, May 29, 2012, 04:26:46 AM

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Hey there,

Since i grew the need for SimpleDesk, found out about it, and started using it, i'm instantly a big fan. Though there are definetly some parts that i think are up for improvement, i've found myself in need of these features though unable to set SimpleDesk up the way i'd like.

Description of Department: In the part where it says "Welcome, <name>!
Here you can file new tickets for the site staff to action, and check on current tickets already underway." i would like to be able to replace this text with my own that supports BBcode. This to give the different departments their own introduction each and give some pointers in regards to the department.

Department Setting: Allowe empty body, disable body: Allowe empty body checked would let anyone post tickets with an empty message body. The 'Disable Body' would remove the text body field entirely so the ticket would rely solely on custom fields.

An example situation where this is extremely useful is the following: (click here for screenshot) As you can see here the only relevant information is in the custom fields which create sort of a form for people to fill out. We have several of them in our setup, and since i'm unable to write any tips anywhere that the message body can not be left empty and such, or since i'd love to be able to simplify the process even more, i'd want to disable the message body or it's requirement for content so that it may be used for extra comments if needed though its not obligatory.

There are more ides though i can not think of them right now, will edit them into the post later. Though i am wondering is it possible for somone to perhaps help me out with disabling the check for content in the body using PHP editing ? Thanks in advance


In all honesty I do not see these happening any time soon. They're not huge but big enough to be complicated, and the devs don't really have time to contribute them here :(

Re description of department, in hindsight, that probably should have been done off the bat. Departments was one of the last things done and so much effort went into making everything that it rests on work, rather than making it clean and super-friendly.

Re empty body, why not have it so people should write their reason for wanting to join in the body? In any case, I seem to recall there would be edits required in at least half a dozen places, if not more, to make that work. I'd honestly suggest that logic not be messed with, as it took me long enough to write it to make it work properly the first time around two years ago.


I see, that's too bad, i hope they'll be implemented on the long run.

re empty body, i would but there is no place to put a notice about this as far as i have seen, would you have any suggestions? And otherwise i was thinking, is it possible to edit a default input for the field? I would have it enter "Replace this text with any extra comments you have regarding this form, if not leave it like it is." by default when the person enters the "post new ticket" page.


Honestly, it seems unlikely unless people can find time to work on it - of which there is precious little.

No, there isn't anywhere for default inputs and nor is there any good way to do that - again, there's at least half a dozen places that would require changes, because posting new tickets/replies/editing both/error handling are all applicable here.