custom field category cannot be searched with reply

Started by Barlos, March 07, 2012, 03:29:47 AM

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First, thanks a lot for this program. I recently installed and play around for days. I hope it can be the Helpdesk for my company to use.

One issue I encountered is that category filtering won't work if it is associated with reply. I will explain more in details as below.

I create and set a custom field as "visible / editable in both tickets and replies" & "as a category (filterable)".

Then I created one ticket utilized the custom field as above, alone with reply.

With "Category filtering: ", it can filter the topics, but, not with the reply. It returns nothing.

It seems to only filters the Topic.

What I do with Simpledesk is this. I created a custom field called "Ticket progress status" and only staff can edit it. It is much more reasonable for staff to use it in reply. But, if the staff apply this custom field to topic, then required  him to edit the user's topic, it's kinda strange to me.

Any recommendation?

Thanks again.

Best Regards


Only the ticket's value can be filtered on. Aside from performance concerns, there are some very practical matters - if the ticket has one value, and a reply has another, which one should be used in a filter?

The only way right now for it to work is to make it a ticket only field and then edit it at the ticket level. There are no plans AFAIK for changing this behaviour (because it's a huge piece of work) and I know the Wedge port, which is being worked on by SD's original developer, has some plans about fixing this, but even then it's still going to have to be a ticket level field - just a ticket level field that can be conveniently edited during reply.