SimpleDesk 2.0 - release candidate available now!

Started by Gruffen, June 26, 2011, 10:23:17 AM

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Well, at long last I'm extremely pleased to announce the immediate availability of SimpleDesk 2.0 RC1.

This is a release candidate, rather than the final release, so unless you're confident about fixing any issues that arise, you should use it only on a testing environment and make sure that backups are taken, etc.

We hope to move to final release shortly, there are a couple of minor tweaks we will put in place before final, such as making plugins available to you for the plugin system.

You can grab either .zip or .tar.gz, your preference, from

Have fun and as ever, please report any issues you find with SimpleDesk in our support board (, this is not a thread for support! (If you do happen to ask a question, all that's going to happen is, I'm going to split the topic and move it! Every. Single. Time.)

So, remember:
Download it from here!   and   Ask questions about it here!

Tah Zonemaster

Yay! :D Congrats team :) Finally I can use it on a public site :P (I know it's a release candidate but I don't care ;D)


Hi there!

A great step forward, cherioo to gruffen and at all the team!


Yes i Will Say What An Awsome Mod  ;D and I Installed It On MaddSmokerz .com and It Installed Beautiful......Thank You For Great Mod, My Marijuana Helpdesk Is Under MaddSmokerz :o



cσσкιє мσηѕтєя

Congrats on getting it out, great work as always, Gruffen. :)


I Would Like To Thank Everybody Who Helped Get This Mod Out its an Excellent Mod....Thanks Everybody....Peace MaddSmokerz  8)



wow!!! congrats! and thank you so much Arantor...

Tah Zonemaster

Hoepel op. Jij kan in je eigen taal praten, nou ik kan dat ook.

Gtfo. You can speak in your own language, well, me too.


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Maybe it's just the timing of when I arrive, but It seems like the number of spammers has gone up in the last couple of weeks.

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