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SimpleDesk Team Blog / Re: SimpleDesk 2.1 for SMF 2.1
December 04, 2015, 10:22:00 PM
where is the like button 8)
SimpleDesk Tracker / Re: Reattribute tickets
September 06, 2011, 09:49:05 AM
There is an SMF mod that does close to what you want but for topics of course.. Arantor wrote it originally. It allowed changing the author of a post without the original author being deleted. I'm guessing this could be plugin territory as the current re-attribute maintenance function mirrors closely to what SMF does. The mod I mentioned would have to take the idea further to implement option as to change This ticket only, all tickets started by X, or all tickets and replies by X... and that should take care of it it.
SimpleDesk Tracker / Re: r537: Undefined index: label
September 01, 2011, 11:55:15 PM
Disable template evaulation if it is enabled... clear the error log and see if the error returns... I'm not having this error at all.
Admin/Configuration/Server Settings/General... make sure the option to disable template evaluation is checked
Is the helpdesk admin also a forum admin... if yes, is the option to treat admin separately from staff checked?
I'm so spoiled by the ticket details section, I'm starting to forget the things that can be done by other means :P... so yes I agree it can be done by editing the ticket which isn't as elegant in deed, but also not as practical as changing it from the ticket details since it's right there in your face ;)
SimpleDesk Tracker / Re: Admin Log
June 01, 2011, 10:45:20 AM
Yep.. and allowing only forum admin to view it ensures that SD admin wont clear the log... I would even opt that clearing the log is logged... such that if an admin clears the log, the first entry in the log is now Admin logged cleared .... date .... spoogs .... blah blah
SimpleDesk Tracker / Re: Success Confirmation
May 31, 2011, 09:45:45 AM
Intentionally marked future as I have no desire to add anything besides bugs to 2.0 unless it seems priority which this certainly isnt :P
SimpleDesk Tracker / Re: Success Confirmation
May 31, 2011, 09:35:13 AM
Though I tend to adapt to what is available and make the best sense and use of it, I competely agree as to SMF... SD on the other hand has much logical and user friendly feel to its' ACP.
SimpleDesk Tracker / Re: Success Confirmation
May 31, 2011, 09:29:16 AM
Would you believe I never actually noticed that, but now that makes me wonder how long I've been clicking 2 or more times just to ensure my changes are saved before navigating elsewhere. And only now that you've pointed this out I realise the screen jumps back to the top after clicking save :P
I see... inline modify at ticket level will do just fine really ;)
What kinds of problems?

If inline modifying it is available there'd be no sense it editing on reply anyway.
(I just happen to be a stickler for my staff modifying anything they dont have to modify, heck the reason I asked for 'edit history' as a plugin is because of some former issues we had where my moderator edited a post specifically to remove data that violated our policy and the users started lying that the moderator edited other things, for posts, niko's post history helped me stay on top of that and even found 1 or 2 cases where the moderator did go over board.) So in short I'm all for anything that allows my staff to do their job without having to edit posts directly and as such if they have to edit a post I'd like to see what was edited in the event of a discrepancy.
I'm sure, most will have those as ticket only... no real need to have prefix editable in replies but being able to edit the category from replies isn't a bad thing (only that it doesn't update the category on ticket).
SimpleDesk Tracker / Re: Split/merge ticket
May 13, 2011, 06:30:05 PM
Ah, now I see the logic behind it
But even so, only merge would be affected, correct?
SimpleDesk Tracker / Re: Split/merge ticket
May 13, 2011, 05:30:14 PM
I was gonna wait til it's implemented and test it out before adding to it...
Honestly I was confused as to why a split would only be possible if the ticket owner is the same as the author of the reply being split.
My original thought was wherever a split occurs the author of the split post becomes the new ticket's author, on merge the author of the first ticket (date and time) remains the ticket author.

Take sm.org for example it's very likely that a user would see a support topic and think hey I'm having a similar issue and post in the existing thread opposed to starting their own... most likely it's the new poster's reply that would be split off.

Now lets take a bugtracker situation... there's a ticket about a feature and during the discussion someone besides the ticket author adds some info that better off as its own ticket, you'd want to split that off to properly track it.

SimpleDesk Tracker / Re: Split/merge ticket
April 21, 2011, 04:19:38 PM
And that does come with the option of splitting just that post or include all posts after correct?