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Entire Teams in Team Page are On Hiatus

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In the team page the entire developers group has the "On Hiatus" badge (when I know that in the Project Tracker at least Nas has a normal Dev badge), and the same with Jerry and the Globalizers.

It's a bug.

In the case of Dev team, it's because I'm on hiatus - the badge shown is the one of the first person on the list, which for Dev team is me, and for Globalizers is Jerry.

It's been under discussion in the site bug tracker, though a couple of people actually are on hiatus, and so it may not be fixed as quickly as usual.  :)

It appears to be that whichever badge the first person in a group has, that's the badge used for the group.

Arantor... too fast for me!  :)

Ah, okie dokie. Well at least you guys know. :)

I can't really see the site PT so I don't know. ;)


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