Author Topic: Auto-registration of new users when opening a new ticket  (Read 2758 times)

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Auto-registration of new users when opening a new ticket
« on: November 16, 2011, 10:54:58 pm »

I would like a new feature, or maybe it can be done as an add-on.

I would like to reduce the pain of registering for my users. I will use simple desk along with the simple forum to give customer support. I want unregistered users to be able to access simpledesk and create a new ticket.

Of course in the process they need to add their personal details which is enough to create an account for them, if they choose to not add a password, a randomly generated password will be emailed to them when they submit their ticket.

Also, I am using opencart, and I would like to have an addon, (I'm not sure where this should be, here or at the opencart forum) This addon should allow a user who registers at the opencart shop to automatically have an account created for the forum with the same login credentials. Is this possible, does it exist,? What about using facebook, or gmail instead of openID to login?