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Just started looking at the release candidate today, the custom fields are great!

I'm not sure how difficult or possible this would be to code, but I have a request/suggestion. When creating a custom dropdown field, the options will appear in the order they are entered. That works for a list with a few things, but one of the dropdowns I am creating will eventually have tens and maybe even hundreds of options. If there were an option to sort that dropdown alphabetically, that would be extremely helpful for my support staff.

Great news! I'm hoping the new features will eventually allow us to ditch our old Help Desk. Any chance you are in need of additional beta testers?

SimpleDesk Support / Re: Cannot Assign Ticket to Ticket Creator
« on: June 09, 2011, 11:04:41 am »
That all makes sense. We're a small company so we don't have the same "food chain" you would find in a lot of places. In our other HD program (Help Star) calls are usually left on voice mail and the tickets are loaded by whichever tech is free to open the ticket, then it goes into the queue. They may very well be the same person that return's the user's call later so they would assign the ticket to themselves.

Right now we are running Simple Desk to track our beta sites' ticket's separate from our regular calls. When we schedule upgrade appointments, we open a ticket to track who will be point on those upgrades and they record their work in the call. Since the lead tester does some of this work, she needs to assign the tickets to herself.

Regarding the menu location, never mind what I said. I thought I was looking at the regular admin menu, but it was of course in the help desk admin. It might be a good idea, though, to name the title of that section "Simple Desk Options" since the part of the interface on the left that shows your position in the menu structure may not be visible when you are at the top of the page. If I had not been in such a hurry, I probably would have sorted out where I was, though.

Thanks, all!

SimpleDesk Support / Re: Cannot Assign Ticket to Ticket Creator
« on: June 08, 2011, 06:11:06 pm »
Doh, got it, that was indeed the problem. Thanks!

The placement and naming of those options is a bit unintuitive.

Just for my edification, what is the use case of that feature?

SimpleDesk Support / Re: Cannot Assign Ticket to Ticket Creator
« on: June 08, 2011, 06:01:37 pm »
Both "Allow users to assign tickets to themselves" and "Allow users to assign tickets to any staff member" are checked. Using my previous example of JohnB again, JohnB can create a ticket and assign it to any other staff member. Any other staff member can create a ticket and assign to anyone else, including JohnB. No one can ever assign a ticket to the person that created the ticket.

SimpleDesk Support / Cannot Assign Ticket to Ticket Creator
« on: June 08, 2011, 05:44:09 pm »
All permissions are enabled for the member group. Members of that member group can create tickets and assign them to other users. However, If user JohnB creates a ticket, he can assign that ticket to anyone but himself. Also, if anyone else tries to assign that same ticket, they can assign it to anyone except JohnB. Is this a bug/limitation/lemon meringue pie? I see nothing posted about this and seems like other people would have tried this before me.

True, I wouldn't recommend ignoring error messages to others but I had confirmed that all of the errors were attempts to delete files that had never written to their destinations.

Can't wait for the next release!

After the uninstall/reinstall the Core Feature option appears and allowed me to fire it up and add the option on the toolbar for my Admin user, I'll set about adding permissions to other users and test it out further.

Just FYI in case anyone else has these symptoms, I got a ton of warnings on uninstall because the files it wanted to delete were not present. Proceeding with uninstall still seemed to be OK without any other side effects.

On the successful install attempt, I opened up permissions to CHMOD 775 on all target directories and upload the package already unpacked from the zip instead of uploading just the zip.

Thanks for the help, all!

Yes, the Package Manager. This is the only mod I installed, I updated to 2.0 just to use Simple Desk. Simple Desk appears as an installed package under Browse Packages but nothing appears under Modification Settings.

I don't see any new directories or files when viewing the site over FTP - should there be some files and/or directories there? I could upload them manually...

I did, I emulated RC3 and installed the package through the web interface. I'm using the default theme, btw, I forgot to mention that.

Probably my fault for upgrading straight to RC5 to use this package.

I updated to 2.0 RC5 from 1.0.12 today and I was able to install the Simple Desk package, but none of the features appear to in the forum while logged in as Admin. Nothing in my Core Features menu has anything to do with Simple Desk or Help Desk.

Am I just hosed because of my choice of RC5? How hard would rolling back to RC3 be (I backed up multiple times)?

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