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Just started looking at the release candidate today, the custom fields are great!

I'm not sure how difficult or possible this would be to code, but I have a request/suggestion. When creating a custom dropdown field, the options will appear in the order they are entered. That works for a list with a few things, but one of the dropdowns I am creating will eventually have tens and maybe even hundreds of options. If there were an option to sort that dropdown alphabetically, that would be extremely helpful for my support staff.

SimpleDesk Support / Cannot Assign Ticket to Ticket Creator
« on: June 08, 2011, 05:44:09 pm »
All permissions are enabled for the member group. Members of that member group can create tickets and assign them to other users. However, If user JohnB creates a ticket, he can assign that ticket to anyone but himself. Also, if anyone else tries to assign that same ticket, they can assign it to anyone except JohnB. Is this a bug/limitation/lemon meringue pie? I see nothing posted about this and seems like other people would have tried this before me.

Probably my fault for upgrading straight to RC5 to use this package.

I updated to 2.0 RC5 from 1.0.12 today and I was able to install the Simple Desk package, but none of the features appear to in the forum while logged in as Admin. Nothing in my Core Features menu has anything to do with Simple Desk or Help Desk.

Am I just hosed because of my choice of RC5? How hard would rolling back to RC3 be (I backed up multiple times)?

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