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Lets Git going!

Started by SleePy, October 27, 2011, 09:03:24 PM

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With the loss of Gruffen, SimpleDesk development has stalled.  Today, I am moving into the developer position and will commit any free time I have left over from my other projects towards SimpleDesk.

SimpleDesk since before it first release, was decided to be BSD based.  This allows anybody to fork the work as long as they follow the guidelines we set with that.

In a major change, we have decided we should move from our current svn repository to git.  Most notably we are using GitHub as well.  It is my hopes that moving to git and putting up the repository up on github, we can encourage development of SimpleDesk.  As well allow future developers and enthusiasts to work with the SimpleDesk code.  In addition, I hope to see pull requests for bug fixes, feature additions, etc from those who have interests in the code.

In addition, we have moved our plugins and team mods as well to github.  Some of these plugins and modifications have not been released yet, but we welcome you to try them out.  Please remember that this is development code and it may be unstable or unsafe to run.

Without further ado, I give you:
Jeremy D — Spare-Developer

Tah Zonemaster