What next for SimpleDesk?

Started by Gruffen, April 01, 2011, 04:12:58 AM

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Quote from: Gruffen on May 15, 2011, 08:45:05 PM
...here's what's still to come on the tracker before we crunch into a hardcore testing phase:

Very exciting!
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Canned replies? Using a can of soup? :P


And, haha I see a few more things on the tracker for me to fix, but they're things that directly came out of yesterday's development so I can't say I'm surprised. I hope to fix them today, though!


Just to give you some idea of how things are going, I mentioned that 1.0 had 10,380 lines of PHP, but that wasn't entirely accurate - that was 10,380 including comments. Right now, there are 20,503 lines of PHP in SVN, and DOESN'T include comments.

Just to refresh your memory of things, the 1.0 stats are here.

So let's do a quick count up... for each entry, the main number represents the raw figure, the figure in brackets includes comments.
SD 1.0SD 2.0 (new rev 313)
PHP8,004 (10,380)20,503 (24,975)
XML (installer)959 (1000)722 (759)
JavaScript349 (380)449 (490)
CSS371 (403)692 (772)

That should give you some idea of the scale of change that SimpleDesk has seen in the last year, and it's still not done yet! The bulk of the work is done, what's left is mostly bug hunting rather than major features (though there is still a biggish feature to add yet)

That means in total, it's getting close to around 1/4 the size of SMF itself. There are larger mods, of course, but it's a pretty exclusive club (it's in single digits, by now it may even only be AeMe and some of the portals)

Oh, and this doesn't include the plugins, of which there are already multiple plugins to play with, in varying stages of completion and ruggedness...



Those are scary stats going on there O_o


SD 2.0 is one scary piece of software because of what it can now do ;)


I just made it more scary, by making it possible to take certain types of custom field, and make them usable as category-like filters within a department, so you can create a department for a given project, then provide filters inside that, e.g. creating 'SimpleDesk' as a department, and types of issues inside it (like 'General', 'Security' etc) as a filter to select it.

I think... hopefully, I'm finally done with custom fields :)


And I'm pleased to report that this scary feature has brought no bugs with it, effectively adding nothing else to the tracker thus far. This feature works great as described by Gruff.


Well, one possible bug just occurred to me, which I need to test and fix if appropriate, with regards to fields that apply across multiple departments, or did at one time and do not any longer do so (note: this bug may not be confined to the category filtering)


Aah yes, i'm seeing that now
my first thought was that was intended behavior, but I am seeing now that after the ticket is edited and actually drops the category it remain on the listing.

for clarification my test went like this
create ticket with cat, disassociate cat from dept
- cat remained active on ticket until edited (makes sense to me)
- cat remained filterable on listing (makes sense as long as a ticket still hold the category)
  *now i see that the cat is still there on the listing after all tickets have been edited to drop the cat.

Edit... Though now that I have reviewed it a bit further, disassociating a cat from a dept should hide it all together, as that may have been the intention of the admin to