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SimpleDesk Support / Re: quick reply Issue
August 14, 2016, 07:08:25 PM
Do you have any custom fields?  If so disable those as a test for now.

Something is up with that text.  Are you using a non english language or something else like Right to left?
SimpleDesk Support / Re: quick reply Issue
August 14, 2016, 12:17:55 PM
Are you using another theme, if so can you test this with the default theme to make sure its not a theme related issue?

SimpleDesk's quick reply submit options are the same ones you see on the regular reply/new ticket screen.  So they should normally show.
SimpleDesk Support / Re: quick reply Issue
August 13, 2016, 01:14:16 AM
Quick reply only shows if the user can reply to the ticket and has enabled in their options under their profile to use quick reply.
SMF already specifies the meta charset.  You can see this even on SimpleDesk pages by viewing the source.  If you have changed all the database tables and columns where the charset is specified, this should in theory work.

SimpleDesk has not been tested with any other charsets other than the default and UTF-8.  In future versions of SMF, UTF-8 will be the only supported charset.  SimpleDesk will also follow this route and only support UTF-8.

You would have to modify the database manually as SimpleDesk follows SMF's charset, but if you convert or change it later, it won't follow it.  Other than that, SimpleDesk follows what your SMF charset was set to.

SMF 2.1 will be moving all forums to use UTF-8.  So you can expect that SMF will have limited support for non-UTF-8 forums in 2.1 and beyond.
I'm afraid you would have to give me more information as I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be seeing here.
SimpleDesk follows SMF's charset.  However, I would suggest sticking with UTF-8 as SMF and SimpleDesk doesn't do extensive testing with alternate charsets.
My bad I forgot about that option.

The stuff inside of the curly brackets are place holders that should be replaced automagically when you send it from that page.
All text are language strings.  You can modify those through SMF's language center in the admin panel or manually by going to Themes/default/langauges/sd_langauge.  The file you are looking for is SimpleDesk.english.php

Sending a PM would be a plugin for the helpdesk, which I do not know of any existing plugins that do that.  Moving a ticket doesn't require a new link, but may change what the user has permissions to do based on what permissions the new department has.

Also, since I see your calling it a "Medical Desk", SimpleDesk is fairly well written and so is SMF, but check in on rules such as HIPPA if such information is being stored.
SimpleDesk Support / Re: Notification ?
June 01, 2016, 07:39:24 PM
Out of the box the helpdesk in the menubar will show any outstanding tickets needing responses.

To add that would require a modification or helpdesk plugin.  I don't know of one that exists but it can be done.
I've got limited time these days, so most likely not.
Out of the box there isn't such a feature.  You can create multiple roles, and assign those roles to membergroups and departments.  That will limit what users/staff see.

A plugin could be made that does this, but one doesn't exist far as I know.
This is a SMF bug:

Once that is fixed this will work properly.
All fixed, thanks!
I did a commit to fix the hooks not installing/uninstalling correctly.  But I can't reproduce your issue.  It works fine for me.