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Multiple errors being generated

Started by Zaphod, July 11, 2022, 03:06:07 PM

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Hi Having installed Helpdesk V2.0 on SMF 2.0.19 running PHP 7.4, I am getting errors even when help desk is not in use as just a refresh on SMF error log produces the same error being:

"Parameter 1 to shd_buffer_replace() expected to be a reference, value given"

These are the same errors I used to experience on SMF 2.0.18.

I did get an install error "unable to insert before" looking for
"// Fall through to the board index then...
require_once($sourcedir . '/BoardIndex.php');
return 'BoardIndex';

My index.php has the line
"// No? Fall through to the board index then...
require_once($sourcedir . '/BoardIndex.php');
return 'BoardIndex';"

So I entered the code insert before this line manually and put markers so I can find it again easily.
Helpdesk is doing everything its supposed to do but is generating these error log messages, these are the same error log messages I used to receive in 2.0.18 without the index.php difference.

Any ideas?


Open $sourcedir/sd_source/Subs-SimpleDesk.php

function shd_buffer_replace(&$buffer)

function shd_buffer_replace($buffer)
Jeremy D — Spare-Developer