SimpleDesk 2.0 Development Phase is Complete

Started by Spoogs, June 11, 2011, 11:59:30 PM

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Today our lead developer Gruffen/ made his 1000th commit to SimpleDesk's SVN trunk (that's right 1000 commits) and also by an amazing coincidence, his 1001st commit marks the end of the development cycle for SimpleDesk 2.0 Anatidae. We are pleased to announce that we are now in our beta testing phase and will only be resolving any bugs or security issues found as there will be no new features added to the 2.0 branch beyond this point. We are also proud to say that the code has been tested vigorously throughout this development cycle, and we have already resolved a great many issues in addition to incorporating dozens of helpful work flow enhancements into this powerful software.

SimpleDesk 2.0 (formerly SimpleDesk 1.1) is now what can best be described as a professional level software package, stacking up nicely against other helpdesk solutions that would cost hundreds of dollars to purchase, or thousands in hosting costs per year. You may read all about it in the blog SimpleDesk.html.html 2.0 officially in final stages. We hope you will enjoy using SimpleDesk as much as our developers enjoyed coding it, and as much as we enjoyed testing it.

Though we have reached the end of the 2.0 development cycle, we have not yet decided on a date for public release. This will not be decided until the end of the beta testing phase. It will be ready when it's ready, and we will post an announcement regarding the release at the appropriate time. Just a reminder, the 2.0 branch requires SMF 2.0 (Final/Gold). Earlier versions of SMF 2.0 (including RC 4 and 5) are no longer supported, and no version of SMF 1.0x or 1.1x is supported.

We have already marked some very useful features for SimpleDesk 2.1; however please note that there are no estimated dates of any kind attached to 2.1's development. The team is 100% focused on 2.0 and its' upcoming release. Information regarding 2.1's development will be announced at the appropriate time.

To our great lead developer, Gruffen, aka Arantor, we extend our deepest appreciation for all you have done. The hard work and time you've put into this project is priceless. There are only so many ways to say thank you and express our appreciation, so in short THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

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I couldn't have done it without the dedication and patience of the long-suffering QA and beta tester folks :) They, unfortunately, saw the frustration I was having with certain features where I'd implement it, they'd find a bug and I'd get frustrated because I thought I'd fixed it only a day or so before, so no small amount of credit should go to them too!

It's been a blast, these last 3 months, and I'm proud to have reached this point where SimpleDesk is all grown up and powerful, it's now at the point I (at least) envisaged it reaching when we first sat down to talk about it a year and a half ago. A system that has tight integration with SMF, but effortlessly allows you to configure it in a variety of interesting and exciting ways, meaning that it's not just a helpdesk ticket tracker but can just as easily be used as a bug tracker.


You did a masterful job, Gruffen.  It was a pleasure to work on the project with you.  As you say, it's at the point that was envisioned at the start.  All grown up.

And you weren't as difficult to work with as you might think.  No matter how bad it got, you always evened out and returned to stasis, often expressing remorse for even the slightest transgression.  I believe that deep down inside you are a kind person with a strong conscience.  From our perspective as testers, we realize that our job is to point out "your faults," and as such, we're like flying gnats getting into your eyes and ears.  It's expected that you're going to swat at us now and then.  :)  Particularly so when not all of the faults are really yours... but you're the one who must deal with them... and "own" them.  You're a good programmer and a good man to work with.  Thank you very much for your critical role in this program... this gift to the community.
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Great news! I'm hoping the new features will eventually allow us to ditch our old Help Desk. Any chance you are in need of additional beta testers?


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Great news! I'm hoping the new features will eventually allow us to ditch our old Help Desk. Any chance you are in need of additional beta testers?
If you're interest you may fill out the application, there is no guarantee we are accepting new testers right now though.


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*will add something eventually*


can't wait to get it =] and congratulate and thanks for all the fish.


guys u r the best!! 
I hardly wait for the final release ... :)


Linguage files is done
i need start translate
Thank you