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So I was thinking back to a help desk on my old host's site, and whenever a staff replied to a customer's topic, you'd always see a greeting to the customer, their message, and then followed by a salutation. It would always be like that, and so it got me thinking. What if SD could automatically do something like that? Here's an example.

Hi {$customer_name},

{$message body}


It could be inserted into the text area, or it can be added in afterwards. So the output would be something like this...

Hi Arantor,

SimpleDesk is close to release, so I suggest you have the latest version of SMF installed to experience the mod fully and enjoyably. Should you need help with anything, please let us know.


Does this sound possible? :)
General Discussion / PHP GD Images
February 04, 2010, 01:26:12 AM
Okay, I can't stop looking at these awesome progress bars!!! XD

Can someone give me a tutorial on how to handle the PHP GD library please and how to achieve a similar task to the progress bar? I mean, all I can do, and all I've done, is stretched an image based on the percentage given, which is what I've done with DP's progress bar here...

I'm getting kinda bored of it, and I'm not asking for the source code of SD's progress bar, but can someone guide me in the right direction? Thanks. :)