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Enkelbor Revealed!

Started by cσσкιє мσηѕтєя, February 03, 2010, 03:53:56 PM

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This looks great, well done nas.



I have since tried SimpleDesk with this theme (and you'll see it here when we get towards live ;D) and it actually works even better - though Nas hadn't designed Enkelbor when working on the templates.


I saw the sneak peak of SD using the Enkelbor theme in the PT, and I have to say it looks like wonderful eye candy. Great job! =)

Also, where did the name Enkelbor come from?

cσσкιє мσηѕтєя

I just updated the announcement to answer that question, Cassiel. :)

Quote from: Nas on February 03, 2010, 03:53:56 PM
We were asked what the name of "Enkelbor" means.
Enkelbor is a contraction of a bad Swedish translation of "Simple Desk".
Simple Desk in Swedish is Enkelt Bord, if you translate without knowing that it's actually a helpdesk, which you would never translate like that.
Enkelt Bord became Enkelbor.
Why Swedish? I, the designer, am from Sweden. :)


Ah, cool! :) Well now I know! Thanks, Nas!


Will you guys share this theme for public use? ;D

cσσкιє мσηѕтєя

At the moment, no. This theme is currently unique for this site.


Quote from: Nas on February 14, 2010, 07:38:56 AM
At the moment, no. This theme is currently unique for this site.

Ah, but soon, when SD is released? Looks good and I wanna use it on my site... :D


The theme has numerous tweaks specific to this site's code that we can't actually distribute as a theme; one of the rules of themes is that they can't do database queries, but the theme relies on database queries having been done (there is, for example, a team specific menu)

I took a copy of the site theme, prior to the team menu being added, and had to make code changes to be able to use it myself; I really can't see us rewriting it to be able to distribute it as a pure theme. :(


Ah, that's just sad to read. :P hehe. I was hoping to use this Enkelbor, but its alright. :D Keep it up... Can't wait for the release.



I take it this theme is not public.

cσσкιє мσηѕтєя

As we've previously mention, no, it is not publicly available at this point.