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A simple ticket search for SimpleDesk 2.0

Started by tfs, September 06, 2011, 11:35:51 PM

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SimpleDesk is developing a full featured ticket search functionality that we plan to release in a future version.  But since that's still warming in the oven, and searching your trouble tickets can be a real need for a live help desk, I thought I'd release this simple little search utility that can tide you over for now.  It's not fancy in the least, but it works. 


1) Download the attached file, simpledesk_search_basic.php
2) Place it in the root folder of your help desk forum.  It must be in the same folder as SSI.php.
3) Browse to the simpledesk_search_basic.php using your web browser.

If you improve upon this file please let us know and share it back with the community.  There's several things that would make it better.

* Search only open/closed/both tickets.
* Search for different strings in different fields, such as Poster="Smith" and Body contains "foobar."
* Date ranges.
* Search custom fields
* Your idea here!

If you'd like a menu option to search, you can of course place a link in a portal block, or if you want a menu button you can create your own or use a 3rd party mod to create a button that links to the simpledesk_search_basic.php file.  I used one called "6 Custom Buttons" version 0.5 and it worked nicely.  6 Custom Buttons v 0.5k only says it's compatible with SMF 2.0 RC3, but last night I installed it on my SimpleMachines Forum 2.0, SimpleDesk 2.0 site with no problems.  Now I have a search button.

A note on security.  Just like in SimpleDesk itself, simpledesk_search_basic.php will not work for guests.  And the results returned will only contain tickets to which the searching user has access.

And lastly, this search utility isn't an official SimpleDesk product.  It's merely little ole TFS having some fun.  So don't expect too much.   ;)


A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can an evil tree bring forth good fruit.


Thanks, TFS!!


You're welcome.  Funny that this search just saved my bacon about 10 minutes ago when our accountant read me the riot act because I had 4 billable hours on my timesheet that she couldn't find in a trouble ticket.  I knew that the issue was about a client who had accidentally uninstalled our software from their network server while everyone was logged in, and so I searched for "uninstalled" and found the ticket immediately.  Because it was such an emergency situation I neglected to enter it onto a ticket the day that it happened.  I had made the entries in the ticket a week later when I sent in my timesheet, which is why she couldn't find them.
A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can an evil tree bring forth good fruit.


What time-line can we expect for the full-blown search feature?


given that the guy who wrote most of simpledesk left and that dev activity here is a bit sporadic it might be a while

judging by the commit comments it doesnt even work properly anyway