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'Stacking' permissions

Started by smnpstm, June 05, 2012, 01:41:02 PM

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I am trying to do the following:

There are 12 helpdesk sections.

The "Contact an Admin" one is to 'staffed' by community administrators.
the "Contact an Enforcer" one is to be 'staffed' by community administrators & community enforcers.

Then there are 10 different kinds of request forms, each with their own helpdesk section.

These should be viewable and usable as user by Community Enforcers, Community Assistants, and Regular members.

1 of these 10 forms should be 'staffed' by administrators and community assistants only.

The other 9 forms should be 'staffed' by administrators only.

Now i've tried several ways to do this, but it seems like every way i try it instead of only having the "user" access to the apropriate sections, for example the Assistant usergroup gets staff access in all boards thats are visible to him.

How do i solve this, or is it a bug?


The general user access to each department can be a single role, attached to each department and to each of the member groups.

The one that is an admin + community assistant department, that needs a staff role attached to that department and related to the relevant groups.

The other 9 departments don't really need anything attached to them, forum administrators are also helpdesk administrators.