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Started by Bᵃ, March 09, 2010, 12:30:45 PM

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Okay, I shortened the title a bit. :) The full name for this second small mod from the SimpleDesk Team is Online Only Groups in the Group Key. Do you have a lot of membergroups? Do they clutter up your users online area? Check out this mod.

Once applied, this mod alters the group key that is visible at the bottom of the board index to show only groups that have members currently online. Thus, if there are no members of a group online, that group is not displayed in the key.



You may download the mod from the Simple Machines customize site (direct link:


Conquer Club - Free Global Domination Game
Think the board game Risk on steroids!


Ha, this is nice!

Good job, will install now!
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Well done, looks good!  8)


Note that we're not providing support on the forum for it, we only provide support here, in

Simple reason is that this way there's a single consistent place for us to provide support (and we don't end up having the same situation Nao did with Aeva Media, where he had 2-3 places to go to provide support)


So this will show current membergroups who's online? Awesome.
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Mick G.

Thank you.   This is cool ;)


Cool makes board more lovely :)
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The really awesome bit was that I wrote it for RC2 and didn't have to change a single thing for RC3 itself :)


Very cool. Congrats guys, and good job. :)