Corrupt my wish

Started by Gruffen, January 30, 2010, 06:44:53 AM

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Granted, but you end up forgetting about Simple Desk. :P

I wish that SimpleDesk will be built for Phoenix.


Granted, but it's buggy as sin.

I wish I had a new mouse, this one's almost dead.


Granted, but it's a rat. :P

I wish that Arantor would find me some cat pictures.


Granted, but they are 4000 x 2000 and 2gigs in size. Each.

I wish I had the powers of invisibility.

cσσкιє мσηѕтєя

Granted, but you couldn't control it so you'd end up being invisible in certain occasions when you'd rather be seen... :P

I wish IE6 would die instead of giving me extra CSS work on SD :(


Granted, but instead MS release IE9 which is just as bad as IE6.

I wish someone would take over all my old mods.


Granted, but they don't do anything about them.

I wish i didn't have any assignments


Granted, but instead you're now several years older, with a mortgage to pay and have to work at least 40 hours a week to pay it.

I wish the genie could be free.


Granted, but he just ends up killing you as soon as you get him anyway.

I wish I could have gotten the free pancakes at IHOP today. :'(


Granted, but they're the last ones they had and taste icky.

I wish I had enough time to implement all the awesome features I want to add into 1.0... into 1.0 without either delaying SD or coding solid for the next few weeks 24/7...


Granted, but it's so awesome it can't be used for fear of the overloading amount of awesomeness causing headsplosions from the users.

I wish I had a free copy of Windows 7 that I can duel-run on my Macbook Pro.


Granted, but it's Windows 7 Express that only lets you run one program at a time, itself.

I wish IE6 would just die.


Granted, but how would my grandma update to a new version then?

I wish I had something to translate. :)


Granted, you get to translate the entire teachings of Plato from Greek to Latin.

I wish I could get an internship at Panic.


Granted, but then you panic.

I wish I could start on SimpleDesk 1.1 right now with all the awesome extra stuff in that.