Corrupt my wish

Started by Gruffen, January 30, 2010, 06:44:53 AM

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Granted, but it doesn't work.

I wish I didn't see Shudder island. Biggest waste of 2 and 1/2 hours of my life.


Granted, instead you saw "Shudder Highland", it's horrible off-shoot clone copy movie which lasts about 3 hours and 45 minutes in order to tie up all of it's insane plot twists and multiple story arcs into a quick, unpolished ending that just ends in it being a dream the entire time.

I wish I had a bar code imbedded onto my palm so all I had to do to make purchases was to scan my hand.


Granted, but then the machines become alive and next thing you know, you've started Skynet.

I wish I understood what some space people were trying to tell me.


Granted, but as a result you uncover information that has you wanted by every Intelligence Agency in the world.

I wish that I had the money to pay for hosting.


Granted but you end up with a host that's incompetent and overcharging you.

I wish I could figure out how to make attachments work.


What you looking to host [FailSafe]?


You recked it Trekkie

Granted btw, but the attachments are saved to the trash.

I wish I had money for maccas


Granted, after getting the money the chain suddenly disappears.

I wish for a limitless supply of ice cream.


Granted, but its a Unlimited supply of ice cream made from 99% pure fat.

I wish that my webhost doesn't notice hes upgraded my hosting plan but forgot to give me a updated invoice.


(Heh, nice corruption)

Granted, but that's because he's busy planning how to make his data center explode when he says the word "Excelsior!"

I wish for a stripper cake.


Granted, but a Man comes out.

I wish their was no way to corrupt my wish, or take it away, or turn it into a corrupted wish.


Granted, your wish is for nothing and achieves nothing.

I wish I could say Excelsior without laughing.


Granted, but it becomes the only word you can say.

I wish i could decide to by charter membership or not.


Granted, but then you have to pay for a "decision fee" when you decide which is the same cost as a charter membership.

I wish I could live in San Francisco.


Granted, but it's a little town called San Francisco, out in the middle of nowhere on a remote island - and often gets confused for the nice US city.

I wish I could focus my time on things that really need it.