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Well done SMF

Started by Treznax, March 01, 2010, 03:16:01 PM

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At the start of each year (A forum comparison website) starts a poll for the best forum software of the year.

Now that we've entered 2010 (A while ago), they've released the results for 2009's poll.

The winner for the best free forum software of 2009 was SimpleMachines forums

Lets all thank all of the staff and editors (Such as SD, SP, DP, DZ etc...) of SMF for making this forum software such a success.

2009 poll results:

Vote for the best forum software of 2010! (Of course your vote will be SMF :D):

Name on Dream-Portal: Alex
Name on SMF official forums: God Of
Name on SimpleDesk: Treznax


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Haha, nice. I remember voting on the 2009 one a while back. Good to see that SMF won! The SMF community is one of the closest communities that i've seen so far, and i've always known that it's members love to rally behind the software. The recent events may have done to diminish that number, but the support from the community is still high up there.

Here is to rooting for SMF for the next year! ;)